October 10, 2010


October 10, 2010
Perpetually high, on what is for others a mundane routine, yours truly decided to take the initiative of putting every gastronomic emotion up - for the rest of the world to savor. The idea is not to merely "blog about the fun of gobbling down three big macs in a row", but to explore each sentiment of every taste bud. Whether it is experiencing pleasure in the purest form or torture in its worst.

To cut a long story short, this is going to be a place devoted to what has inherently been one of the author's greatest passions in life - food. Sadly enough, her irrelevant academic degree and bare minimum credentials at culinary arts have always left her at a loss, when it came down to realizing her dream of becoming a food critic. However, the freedom offered by the blogosphere gives, even the most ignorant, a brilliant platform to delve into their dreams. And can churn out useful experiences for those who want to benefit from them.

Yet another motive behind this blog is to serve an agenda that has never existed in Pakistan before. To put it simply - restaurant reviews. And that is despite the fact that the restaurant business is literally mushrooming in cosmopolitan cities like Karachi and Lahore. This has, more often than not, led to eateries having the upper hand - leaving us eaters as helpless, tortured souls who must succumb to whatever they put us through, be it a stale muffin or a squashed apple pie. Because eating happens to be the best form of leisure in Pakistan and there is no one to positively criticize. Only to shout when the food is cold or visit time and time again furiously hoping the standards improve.

Nonetheless, the purpose of this blog is not to bash a bunch of restaurants. It exists: to review impartially, to evaluate thoroughly, to inform adequately and to popularize - the good kind of popularity for those who send the gourmand into fits of epicurean delight, and the bad kind of popularity for those who turn the sophistication of eating into plain gluttony or give the foodie nightmares to last a century and beyond.

To conclude, this space is going to be more or less about the places the author visits, the cuisines she experiences, the recipes she discovers and her very own cooking escapades. If that gets you even remotely interest, jump on board. Following this blog might get you a reward or two - since generous giveaways will be a frequent occurrence here.



Carina the Blogarina

what a great idea Kanwalful!!! There are no reviews in Pakistan? Even in the paper?? How are tourist suppose to know where to go? lol


Carina! I love how you're one of my first two followers =)

Well, I'm hoping my blog can help people now!

Palwasha N. Minhas

Ahaa! Generous giveaways!! :D


I love it!
This is going to be fun xD


Since you're a foodie, I think it's great that you came up with the idea for this blog :) Looking forward to hearing about your culinary adventures.

Rukhpar Mor

=) This will be very beneficial for me when I visit Pakistan.

I noticed that we both started our October blog posts with a good ol' Howdy!

I'm very excited to read the upcoming posts=)


I'm looking forward to reading more about Pakistani food! I'm a foodie myself and yes, this blog will kinda turn me on! :D


Johana Hill

Weeeeeeeeee! :p

You want to fatten me up, don't you?


I read this as I ate ice cream. And your post only made me hungrier. Please please please please take pictures of food for me :)


Yummm... Thank u in advance for the upcoming info.. Been wondering about all these new places that have opened up in khi over the past yr.. Will make it easier for me to figure out which ones to try out when I come next :)


So cool Kanwalful! I always wanted to be a restaurant reviewer!! This is just simply brilliant!

Maryam Saleem

Answer is option 1,
Maryam Saleem

b@$!t m3m0N

The correct option is Option 1: "An eco-friendly cafe, deli and superstore"
Abdul Basit Memon

Mars R

Kanwal! I'v been trying to post my feedback since the moment u created this one, but my technology deprivation keeps me away :s I LOVE your idea and blog! May it go a long healthy delicious way! Looking forward to reading cuisine options for work people at office :)

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