December 10, 2010

Fine dining like never before!

December 10, 2010 30
What I am about to tell you all will probably come off as a very pleasant surprise. There is now AMAZING food available (not a new story, be patient) in the most AFFORDABLE of prices (now that's a grand new story). Also, before I begin, this restaurant is going to be sponsoring a HUGE giveaway and this time only regular commentators on this blog will be eligible to participate. So its about time you get down to giving me YOUR feedback on the restaurants I cover!


Chilli Willi - a little funny on the name front, is no joke when it comes down to taste, quality and portions! A project of Roasters' ex-chef, this cafe is an attempt by him to make fine dining available for all. And he does this by: making his food as low priced as you can possibly imagine, making portions good enough for your money's worth and venturing out in areas such as Dhoraji - that have previously only been known to be home to "chaat" and "gola ganda" stalls.

For those who want to know a little more about the chef, he is a product of rigorous study at one of Switzerland's finest hotel management schools and has specialized in Italian cuisine. His food pretty much does the talking for his indescribable skills.

So this colorful little shack in the midst of the Dhoraji's bustle pulled us in, considering I had also heard about it from a few people. And even though it was small, the restaurant occupied two floors so, in all it can probably seat around 40 people.

Coming down to the food - it was the best I have ever had (no exaggeration) - following are the items I tried from the menu.

Chicken & Mushroom Soup
That is what it was called, I believe. And it was the creamiest, most delightful concoction ever with chunky bits of mushrooms and chicken. It was served with two soft, fresh pieces of garlic bread. Many of their recipes were similar to what I have tasted at Roasters since they both derive their recipes from the same person's experience.
Chicken Fingers
Marinated chicken strips, fried in bread crumbs and served with honey mustard sauce this was the perfectly light starter for the heavy meal that followed.

Salsa and Tortilla chips
We also ordered this and it must be said that the salsa was much different than others I have had. Having said that, it was great in taste, quality and consistency. Just the right amount of chunky.

Mushroom chicken
Always a favorite when it comes down to grilled chicken, I wanted to try out their version of it and I was delighted! Unlike other fancy restaurants in Zamzama that serve measly portions, their platter had two humongous breast fillets and was generously drizzled with creamy mushroom sauce! It was served with a side of french fries/baked potato and sauteed vegetables. The chicken was grilled to perfection and I did not even need an army of knives to eat my way through it - as is the case in certain other restaurants. This is a MUST try for anyone who goes there. An absolute and complete 10/10.

Fish & Chips
This platter was definitely big enough for two. It consisted of two large fillets of fish deep fried with bread crumbs. And one fillet was an entire meal on its own! It was served with honey mustard, tartar sauce, coleslaw, french fries and sauteed vegetables. All of which were made perfectly. There was not one mistake I could point out - but then again I am not an expert. Just obsessed with food.

American Chicken Burger-
These burgers made Roasters' burgers look like happy meal sandwiches. They were so big in size that even our company - a full grown man - could only eat half! Portions aside, the taste was remarkable and the credit goes to the sauces and marination that is done by the chef himself. It was juicy and loaded with crunchy lettuce and onion rings! 

Pina Colada
This was a trip to heaven. Period. 
And even though I am not a big pineapple fan this drink had the perfect proportions of coconut milk and pineapple to make me fall in love.

Chocolate Mousse
This was the best part of the meal. Made of real Swiss chocolates this delicacy was RICH and thick. It was literally luxury in a bowl at a price you could afford. I have NEVER in my life had such chocolate mousse. This is one thing everyone HAS to try. The true meaning of chocolate mousse. 

Excuse the excitement. The thought of the chocolate mousse made me a little crazy.

Price -
Unbeatable prices. The three course meal for three (including the two appetizers, three main courses, three portions of soup, three pina coladas and the chocolate mousse) cost us a mere Rs. 1985!

Ambiance & Service
The place was snug, friendly and warm. The owners were extremely enthusiastic. The waiters were okay.

Children Friendly -
Definitely! A perfect place to dine out with the whole family without injuring your pocket!

Overall Experience -
11/10 (Figuratively speaking)
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